Pat Siebert
"Our goal is to create a quality of empathic connection that allows everyone's needs to be met." -Marshall Rosenburg

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Patrick Siebert

My most valuable assets are my relationships with people. I have found three processes that assist me in helping others in their quest to create a healthier, more enjoyable life. I invite you to read the descriptions of the work I have studied in order to see how we might work together.

Embodied Communications is a synthesis of my years of study of how we generate our emotions and thoughts that create our inner world and affect how we communicate and act. My intent is to assist others in articulating and integrating their feelings and values with their actions. It is also my intent to demonstrate through my communications and my actions how to listen in order to understand, honor and value the needs of everyone. I do this so we can contribute to one another’s lives and well-being while creating a more harmonious world.